The burnt pot of stew!..let it simmer. #Writing #Dailypost.



One cool evening as I laid down on the sofa to rest a while after the day’s hustle,I heard a loud scream downstairs outside my living room,I was startled and wondered what could be wrong. I stood up from the sofa and listened to know what the scream was all about. As I stood up to open the door,my neighbours daughter Anita ran into my room panting and gasping for breath. I held her and asked her to tell me what the heck was the problem… But just as she was about to talk,her mum Julie,came in looking raged and troubled.

I made Julie to sit down and tell me why she was after her daughter in such a state but she jumped at Anita and gave her a slap while yelling at her to go clear the mess up. I them understood from her narration that she asked Anita to watch over the pot of stew,not to allow it to over boil but rather allow it to simmer while she quickly went to take her shower but Anita left the pot to over boil until it got burnt.
I told her to calm down and take it easy on Anita ….before the situation will turn out to be like that of the pot of stew.



That got to her and she quickly asked me what I meant.
So I analyzed the situation to her and told her that if she didn’t control her anger by holding it there at that point of might just got over boiled and burnt eventually which my be as a case of injuring Anita….just like the pot of stew that went beyond the simmering point.

You see there are times we as humans should allow our anger and emotions to remain at the simmering level without getting to the boiling point but sometimes, it is good to go all out and let go beyond the simmering stage…..when we have positive thoughts, goals to reach and deadlines to meet,we don’t just allow things to remain simmering but to get to the boiling point where you have to exhibit all that you have got to achieve your goal and success.

But in this case… Julie had to hold her anger just there and allow it to simmer.

She was grateful and thanked me for letting her see the situation in that angle.



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